Law 6 – Handling Objections

Handling objections is an extremely useful tool to have. It can get you out of an awkward moment, get you out of confrontation, create a sense of comfortability for the person you’re with that wouldn’t normally be there hence the objections to begin with. And it can help create a great sense of clarity for both of you for the situation that you’re in.

For each of the following exercises, rate your comfort level on a scale of 1-10 (1 being not comfortable at all and 10 being extremely comfortable) And don’t worry if you’re at a 1 now for some of this stuff, thats totally fine, intact its good that means we can improve on it! The more we practice and get used to these types of situations the more comfortable you’ll become, and soon enough before you know it you’re gonna be at a 10:

Exercise 1 – Acknowledge why they are hesitant

Make it clear to her that you understand why she may be hesitant or have an objection. Practice doing this by using some of the phrases below.

– I understand how you feel

– I understand where you’re coming from

– Ive felt like that too, I get it..

– I know what you’re saying, and I want to help with it

Rate your comfort Level _______

Exercise 2 – Try and try again

Usually if you’ve managed to help talk her through whatever her hesitation or objection is then you’ve earned yourself the right to move on and try pushing the interaction further along again. She will expect this in fact, so as long as she isn’t turning you down and clearly wanting to stop, keep pursuing it she is just breaking through her own walls.

Rate your comfort Level _______

Exercise 3 – Keep her in the moment

As you keep pushing through her objections and breaking down those walls, you want to remember to keep her in the moment. You don’t want to let the conversation or objections take away from what you’re trying to accomplish, so don’t let it lead the interaction somewhere else. Keep it relevant and to the point while still being understanding and helpful.

Rate your comfort Level _______

Exercise 4 – Don’t Judge Her Objections

When she does open up to you about something that is bothering her or stopping her from pursuing anything further with you. Don’t judge her or make her feel bad for it. Let her know she is in a safe place and that you understand those fears and objections that may hold her back and you think its a totally normal, natural thing.

Rate your comfort Level _______

Exercise 5 – Respect Her Position

Some girls will have some objections to doing a variety of different things, and for some of them you won’t be able to get around with just a talk, or even a couple talks. Some are just going to take certain things like being in a relationship before having sex, or getting married if they are religious ect.. You need to respect her position on these objections, understand them and figure out if its something you want to be apart of and be there for in the long run or if its something you’d rather just move on from. But once you figure that out you can stick to what is important to you and what ultimately makes you happy because thats what this is all about.

Rate your comfort Level _______