Law 5 – Owning Your Sexuality

Owning your sexuality, means getting comfortable with yourself as a sexual being. But not only being ‘ comfortable ‘ but also ‘ confidant ‘ in yourself and what you’re bringing to the table. This could take some practice but follow the steps and remember the more comfortable and confidant you become in yourself the more comfortable and confidant she is going to feel around you.

For each of the following exercises, rate your comfort level on a scale of 1-10 (1 being not comfortable at all and 10 being extremely comfortable) And don’t worry if you’re at a 1 now for some of this stuff, thats totally fine, intact its good that means we can improve on it! The more we practice and get used to these types of situations the more comfortable you’ll become and soon enough before you know it you’re gonna be at a 10:

Exercise 1 – Check yourself out

Knowing what you look like naked and being comfortable in your own skin is the first and one of the most important things about owning your sexuality. Get naked, and check yourself out. Look in the mirror, look at your self find your ” flaws ” and realize and tell yourself that all they are, is what makes you, you. Everyone is different and everyone likes something different. So tell yourself that there are people out there that will find everything about you sexually attractive, and being to realize that, because its true.

Rate your comfort Level _______

Exercise 2 – Jerk off

Yea im telling you to masturbate, And do it often. Its very healthy to masturbate there are all kinds of health and mental benefits. But one is again getting you even more comfortable and used to yourself, what you like, what you want, and what you need. So do it often and figure those things out about yourself so you know exactly what makes you tick when you do end up having sex.

Rate your comfort Level _______

Exercise 3 – Accept That Fact You Like What You Like

Don’t feel weird or awkward about communicating what it is that you like in the bedroom. You have to accept the fact that you like certain things and you need to be verbal about those things. Don’t let yourself suffer if its something you do or don’t like. Speak your mind and tell her what you want. If its not something she is willing to do then she’s probably not the person for you. Most times people are very into pleasing the person they are with however, and will usually make adjustments to give you pleasure. You just have to make sure and tell them what it is so they know!

Rate your comfort Level _______

Exercise 4 – Bedroom talk

Communication before and during sex is not only a huge turn on for women, but its also a key factor in making her feel comfortable. So Whatever the situation you’re in, gonna have to play that one by ear. Make sure you communicate with her, if she ask’s you a specific question and you have a thought on it, whether you think its embarrassing, or hard to say remember communication is key tell her how you feel, what you want, ect..

Rate your comfort Level _______

Exercise 5 – Orgasms

Don’t focus solely on orgasm’s giving or getting them. This only distracts and takes away from the actual act of sex and pleasure. Yes one of your goals should be making her cum, and obviously having an orgasm yourself, but you should focus on her body, her movements, sounds and figuring out what it is that makes her really enjoy what your doing and if you do that, the orgasm’s will come. If you try to focus solely on giving or getting orgasm’s and put this pressure on it, its most likely never going to happen. She needs to feel totally comfortable and released from any obligation like cumming before she actually can.

Rate your comfort Level _______

Exercise 6 – After sex edicate

What to say, how to act, and what to do after the deed is done. Im gonna thorw in more than one exercise here, There are a few things you should and should NOT do. So Ill just make a short bullet list so you get the idea and know what to avoid and what to go after.

– Never bring up that you don’t want anything serious, or you’re not looking for a relationship right after sex. ( There is a right time to do this and it is CERTAINLY not right after sex. Girls absolutely hate this, even if they want nothing to do with a relationship too, its super annoying so just don’t do it.

– Never just roll away from her like you got what you wanted and now your through with her, i don’t care if you are or not. This girl had sex with you and it was most likely tied to some emotional connection. Don’t make her feel like a piece of shit afterwards, and make her feel like she made a mistake.

– Cuddle.. Yea cuddle with her. Why the hell not… It doesn’t mean that you want to be her boyfriend, it simply means that you just had sex yet you still think she’s awesome, and that it was a meaningful thing for you as well as her. It will make her feel like she made the right decision by sleeping with you.

– Talk to her, just as flirty as you were leading up to having sex with her, keep that going. Keep her feeling like there is still a connection and you weren’t just making shit up to get her in bed. Continue to talk about things you both care about and she is going to be much happier and comfortable with you.

Rate your comfort Level _______