Law 4 – Adventure And Variety

Creating a sense of adventure in your relationships is key to keeping that fire alive. And Variety is the spice of life. No lady wants to be bored with the guy she’s with after any amount of time especially a short amount of time so you need to be able to keep her on her toes and excited, guessing throughout. Follow the exercises below and you’ll become that adventurous type they all love in no time.

For each of the following exercises, rate your comfort level on a scale of 1-10 (1 being not comfortable at all and 10 being extremely comfortable) And don’t worry if you’re at a 1 now for some of this stuff, thats totally fine, intact its good that means we can improve on it! The more we practice and get used to these types of situations the more comfortable you’ll become and soon enough before you know it you’re gonna be at a 10:

Exercise 1 – List your routines

Make a list of your routines, and the things that you do often or always. Go through it and pick one of the un-necessary routines that you do and break it. Instead of doing that particular thing again that day, do something totally different, something that is unplanned.

Rate your comfort Level _______

Exercise 2 – Adjust your routines

With the other routines that you decide to continue to do, Like driving to work, going to the gym ect… Try and change the route you take, try a different new coffee shop on the way, say hello to someone you normally wouldn’t ect.. Just try and make small changes and get used to trying something new.

Rate your comfort Level _______

Exercise 3 – Say Yes

Start saying yes more often. Just like the movie yes man, only lets start slowly. Start saying yes to things that you normally wouldn’t say yes to. As long as they are smaller things to start and something that obviously won’t put you in any danger. Try to choose things that actually sound kind of fun.

Rate your comfort Level _______

Exercise 4 – Be more active

When you find yourself stuck in downtime and you are bored and not doing anything. Change it. A huge part of being spontaneous is being active. You must go out move around meet people and try new things. And one of the best times to do that is when you literally have nothing else to do.

Rate your comfort Level _______

Exercise 5 – Give into your vice’s

Not all the time, but start to give in now and then to the things you like but don’t necessarily do. Like stopping by your favorite pizza shop in the middle of the night. Or going surfing on a Tuesday instead of the normal mundane day to day activities.

Rate your comfort Level _______

Exercise 6 – Eliminate the boring

Cut out all the boring things that are in your life. If its something that you don’t want to do, don’t do it. Start to take control of your day and spend it having fun, enjoying life, and generally doing things that excite and explore your mind.

Rate your comfort Level _______

Exercise 7 – Go!

Travel, Whether its somewhere new in your city you’ve never been or seen, or another state, even better another country! Don’t let yourself get stuck with the same exact things every single day. Go experience new culture, new people, and new sights. You never know where you belong or what inspires you until you see enough.

Rate your comfort Level _______