Law 3 – Show Your Intentions

Showing your intentions and becoming physical and getting across the fact that you want something more than a friendship with a girl can be totally nerve wrecking if its new to you. So were gonna start with some simple ways to touch, simple games to play, I want you to go out and try them, starting with what you feel your comfort level is at.

For each of the following exercises, rate your comfort level on a scale of 1-10 (1 being not comfortable at all and 10 being extremely comfortable) And don’t worry if you’re at a 1 now for some of this stuff, thats totally fine, intact its good that means we can improve on it! The more we practice and get used to these types of situations the more comfortable you’ll become and soon enough before you know it you’re gonna be at a 10:

Exercise 1 – Hugging

Im going to go out on a limb here and assume that you are already totally comfortable shaking a girls hand when you meet her, or when you meet up for a date. So were going to start one step further. And its going to be with hugging. Now if your are not comfortable just jumping into hugging the girl that you really like when you meet her were going to practice on people that you may be more comfortable with. So start hugging all the girls you know when you see them, whether it be relatives, friends, your friends girlfriends anyone that you can practice getting more comfortable at this until you are at a 8-10.

Rate your comfort Level _______

Exercise 2 – Kiss on the cheek

Same as hugging, this is going to be first practiced on all the girls that are already in your life, friends, family ect.. Do the same thing give them a hug, yet this time add a quick kiss on the cheek. Once you are comfortable with this 8-10 you can move on.

Rate your comfort Level _______

Exercise 3 – Incidental touching

Touching to make a point or a statement. This step is mainly to make sure that she is comfortable with your touch before we move into more sexual touching. A good way to do this, is to quickly touch with the back of your hand on her stomach when you are trying to make a point, and emphasize it. Or touching on the shoulder with your palm to gain more of her attention for what you’re saying. This type of touch is meant to be quick, playful, and non sexual so don’t put a bunch of pressure on yourself with this.

Rate your comfort Level _______

Exercise 4 – Holding hands in a playful way

Once you move on from incidental touching and she is comfortable with you touching her you want to move on to being a little more physical. Holding hands, but in a playful fun way. This is a great exercise to get her to hold your hand with no awkward feelings towards it. – This works best when you are walking from one place to another. Say ” When was the last time you just skipped around like a kid ” Wait for her answer and grab her hand, say ” Come on lets go ! ” And lead her in a skip for a few seconds 5-20 seconds should be perfect.

Rate your comfort Level _______

Exercise 5 – Hands on her knee or leg

Moving on to something that is a little more blatant, but after you go through the first 4 exercises this should be expected and she will want it. The next time you are sitting next to each other, simply smile look at her while you are talking about something that is playful / fun / funny and put your hand on her leg just above her knee, This time around you can either just pat her leg or squeeze it quickly but there is no need to keep your hand there for an extended period just yet.

Rate your comfort Level _______

Exercise 6 – Placing your hand on her lower back

When you do place your hand on her lower back leave it there for a few seconds, don’t just touch it then take it off, let her know that your here to play. Leave your hand on her lower back the first time you touch it for at minimum 5 seconds. I would suggest picking the right time so that it’s comfortable for you to leave your hand there a little longer. Such as when you ask her a question that requires an answer.

Rate your comfort Level _______

Exercise 7 – Touching Her Neck

Touching her neck is really the last step before kissing, if she allows you to touch her neck or face then she is pretty much open to you kissing her. This is a very sexual spot to touch her so make sure you come off as confident and comfortable and sexual when you do this. This should be during a more intimate time.

Rate your comfort Level _______

Exercise 8 – Kissing

Instead of going for the kiss at the end of the night, You’re going to go for the kiss during the date. There is really no set time, just when you have gone through the steps and are ready, but anything is better then the end of the night. You don’t want that pressure to be on you last second. Keep it spontaneous and fun, and when you feel the connection between you thats when you want to go in.

Rate your comfort Level _______

To go beyond Kissing and get into the more advanced touching and sex, please reference your ” Handshake to Handjob ” Ebook. You’ll find it very helpful and going into detail on the steps leading up to kissing, and going beyond into having sex.