How To Pick-up A Gym Girl

If you’re like me, or hell, every other guy as well than you probably catch yourself gawking at the sexy gym girls who workout at your local 24.

Im constantly reminded how hard it is for men to meet a woman in the gym.

Im constantly reminded of this because every time I am at the gym and a beautiful woman is laying on her ab mat doing reverse leg curls to keep that Gluteus Maximus high and tight, You can almost feel the eyes begin to draw towards her.

Every guy there either sneaks a peak or can’t look away.. Yet none of them actually approach her.


Because its fucking hard..
How do you do it?
What do you say?
How do you come off in a way that ins’t intrusive..
And of course the dreaded problem, getting her to acknowledge you and take her headphones off!

What if there was a trick that would help you bypass all of that.
Make it easy, Natural, Almost “Serendipitous” To walk up and not only meet her, but plant the thought of you in her mind the rest of her workout.

There is, And after much trial and error I found it.
It works.
Not sometimes.. Not EVERY time..
But a majority of the time.. So worth it? For me yes, But only because I love sleeping with beautiful fit girls. If thats something you’re into, I have a feeling for you as well.
But wait, Do I have to be in really good shape for this to work? No, Im not.. In fact I’m probably 25pounds heavier than I should be ( Fat, Not muscle ).
Is it super hard to figure out, No.
I already did that for you, All you have to do is copy the technique below and you’ll be sliding those yoga pants off that silky sun kissed beauty the next time you get your pump on.

After much trial and error the one gym opener that actually works and works well. This technique has the highest success rate, its super easy, and appears very spontaneous without interrupting her workout.

Without further hesitation. Here it is:

SETUP: This is key, the setup to keep it spontaneous.
What you want to do is approach a girl at the exact same time she’s walking up to a new machine or rack or any other community equipment.


– The key for this timely approach is that you have the intention of using the machine as well, So you aren’t walking up to talk to her.
– You’ll both look at each other (If she has headphones on, she will 99% of the time take them off).
– In my experience the woman always broke the question first.
( Oh sorry were you going to use this machine? )
If they don’t ask first, it’s your job to open. Just say the same thing.

Opening Response: “Oh yea I was, But it’s cool you go ahead I think I saw another machine over there.. You owe me one !
Most important body language and tonality ( LIGHTLY point at her while you say you owe me one, SMILE / smirk. And say it PLAYFULLY. Then walk away )

Here’s where you get the number/date.
Give it between 5-15 minutes go about your workout.

2ND APPROACH: Walk up to her again with a playful smile on your face again. ( Even if she has headphones on she will recognize you and take them off because of the first interaction )

Repeat some variation of this; “So I figured out how you can make it up to me…” (Give her 1-2 seconds to respond – Most common responses are. “Oh yea, whats that” “How” Some variation of a general response )

Have coffee with me ( Or a drink, up to you ) sometime this week..
Have coffee with me after your workout.. I saw this really cool hole in the wall coffee shop around the corner.. I think it’s called Starbucks.. Meet you there in 30? ( Let her say ok, then hand her your phone )


Getting the Number; “Cool put your number in my phone, ill text ya so you can get back to pumping that iron!” – Smile and walk away.

-Nailed it 😉

Have fun with this one guys, I know I’m gonna use it all the freaking time! I love fit girls!


P.S. If she tells you she has a boyfriend. You can still salvage something out of it.

I HAVE A BOYFRIEND RESPONSE: So Im adding this because I actually ran into this on one of my approaches. Here is what you can say to the ” I totally would but I have a boyfriend ”

“Ah, thats cool, Honestly Im pretty new to this area and I hardly know anyone.. would be cool just to meet some new friends.. Are you on Facebook ?” And end with getting her FB info.

Boom- Now you have access to a new wing girl and her friends.

Good luck Ninja’s


charmninja | July 5, 2016