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Why Every Guy Can Date A Supermodel

“No matter what, no matter when, no matter who… any man has a chance to sweep any woman off her feet” -Hitch

I get a ton of questions about dating models, You know the really beautiful women of the world.. The 9’s and 10’s..

The question I get most often is ” How do I date a 10 if Im not good looking myself, Not in the model scene, like a photographer, or basically have nothing to offer her career.”

Fortunately those things don’t really matter to her.

If you’ve ever felt like you weren’t good enough to get a 10.

Ever felt like you weren’t her “type” because you didn’t have a ton of money or a path for her to expand her career.

If you’ve ever thought that they are different than other girls and you just wouldn’t know how to keep her feeling content with you.

Then Im here to help.

First of all, out of the three statements above, one is actually true.

They are different than other girls. Well most of them.

Career aside, Even if they aren’t models, Instagram girls, Actresses, Musicians, or any social status symbol, They are still HOT.

Which means they most likely grew up being treated differently than other girls. They grew up constantly being told they are beautiful, Getting special treatment,  Gaining popularity, having the social power in their schools and with their friends.

These things factor into the people they become as they grow up. Whats this mean?

You just need to approach a relationship with her a little differently than you would someone who didn’t experience this life. Here are the five main areas to focus on to make sure those 9’s and 10’s want you above all others.


Challenge Her – All women need challenge to not only become attracted to you, But also to for a stronger emotional bond with you. However women of extreme beauty crave challenge in the men they choose as suiters, because they are rarely ever met with challenge. They are given everything. From compliments, to material objects, to their will. Whatever beautiful women want, there is usually someone willing to give it to them.

All this adds up to is she is so used to getting her way, with whatever she wants, And she doesn’t date the people that give her whatever she wants all the time, every time. She’s gonna date the man who challenges her, intellectually, emotionally, and physically.

Instead of taking her out to an expensive dinner like most any other guy would do given the opportunity with a gorgeous woman. Switch things up a bit, keep it fun, playful, and challenge her expectation of you.

Take her on a fun adventure instead, Take her to a unique, karaoke bar. Take her on a hike. Take her to play laser tag, or ride rollercoasters.

Just be different, fun, and challenge her perception.

Allow her social space – She needs it to grow, especially if her beauty is her career. – Realize that it is her job to be beautiful, socialize, network, and meet people. You need to give her that space to do her job. She will be meeting a ton of guys that all see her beauty just as you. She will be out to clubs, dinners, paid events where she is expected to be Fun and Flirty. You have to be able to handle this part of her life, and encourage it. Help her grow, Help her on her path to success, don’t hold her back because you don’t like it.

You either accept that it’s part of her or you don’t. If you don’t you won’t be around for long, However if you do, If you can support and encourage this lifestyle she will love you for it.

It’s about trust. You need to be able to trust her, as she trust you. If you can’t trust her to be faithful while doing her job you shouldn’t be with her anyway. But questioning her trustworthiness is a great way to send her running for the hills or someone else’s arms.

Trust. Support. Encourage. Grow.

Don’t Buy her shit – These women get gifts from men all the time trying to buy her attention. Trying to buy her affection. DOn’t do it. Thats not your job, You’re not one of the 99%, You’re the 1% and you don’t do that shit. You connect with her on an emotional, physical, level you don’t need to buy expensive shit to get her or keep her. In fact if you do buy her shit you will eventually no matter how much she likes you, fall into the same category as every single one of those other guys.

Be different. Realize and understand she gets enough things bought for her, she doesn’t need it or want it from you.

Don’t be jealous – Showing that you can be a little protective is not a bad thing, going overboard and showing signs of jealousy can be a very bad thing. Jealously is a terrible trait to have and I have never met a girl in my life that find’s it attractive. However standing up for your girl, or being a little protective over her at times can be a major turn on. The situation is different with a model. You need to accept the fact that men will flirt with her, They will ask her out, She will get hit on, It’s going to happen.

Whatever you need to do in your own mind to be okay with this, do it. Because if you can’t, then you just won’t last with her. She needs a man that understands this, and isn’t going to flip out on her every time it happens.

This again comes back to trust. If you trust her, you shouldn’t have to worry about what other men are going to say to her. However if you ever do get very uncomfortable and you see that things are going a little too far. Don’t make a scene, Continue to be yourself, laugh and have fun. When you get home, or in a private area, Talk to her. Explain that was a little much and out of respect for your feelings you would appreciate it if she wouldn’t allow it to happen again.

Be a strong confident, dominant man. Tell her privately. And she will respond.

Create your own boundaries – Set expectations for your relationship. Women of a certain caliber are used to running the show, They are used to getting what they want when they want. And hey thats fine, But your a man. You’re a dominant, Confident, Fucking Ninja. You need to set your expectations and boundaries within the relationship.

It’s simple as being open, and honest. Let her know what you want, Let her know what you expect out of this relationship whatever that may be. It’s a simple conversation that should be had. And by doing this you can get on the same page with her. This isn’t just telling her ” I want this and thats the end of it” Its saying hey listen there are certain things Id like out of this relationship for it to work for me, Is that something you can do. Is it something you can get on board with so we can both be happy and enjoy each others time in t’s entirety.

Follow these five steps and you will have a strong, healthy, happy relationship with the model of your dreams.

Dating women like this is my favorite, When you set it up properly. There are some really amazing women out there and if you follow these steps you’ll get to see them for who they really are. Not just the beautiful face and social status. Whats underneath is usually a really sweet, rare, genuine person just waiting to connect with the right person.

Be her right person.




How To Pick-up A Gym Girl

If you’re like me, or hell, every other guy as well than you probably catch yourself gawking at the sexy gym girls who workout at your local 24.

Im constantly reminded how hard it is for men to meet a woman in the gym.

Im constantly reminded of this because every time I am at the gym and a beautiful woman is laying on her ab mat doing reverse leg curls to keep that Gluteus Maximus high and tight, You can almost feel the eyes begin to draw towards her.

Every guy there either sneaks a peak or can’t look away.. Yet none of them actually approach her.


Because its fucking hard..
How do you do it?
What do you say?
How do you come off in a way that ins’t intrusive..
And of course the dreaded problem, getting her to acknowledge you and take her headphones off!

What if there was a trick that would help you bypass all of that.
Make it easy, Natural, Almost “Serendipitous” To walk up and not only meet her, but plant the thought of you in her mind the rest of her workout.

There is, And after much trial and error I found it.
It works.
Not sometimes.. Not EVERY time..
But a majority of the time.. So worth it? For me yes, But only because I love sleeping with beautiful fit girls. If thats something you’re into, I have a feeling for you as well.
But wait, Do I have to be in really good shape for this to work? No, Im not.. In fact I’m probably 25pounds heavier than I should be ( Fat, Not muscle ).
Is it super hard to figure out, No.
I already did that for you, All you have to do is copy the technique below and you’ll be sliding those yoga pants off that silky sun kissed beauty the next time you get your pump on.

After much trial and error the one gym opener that actually works and works well. This technique has the highest success rate, its super easy, and appears very spontaneous without interrupting her workout.

Without further hesitation. Here it is:

SETUP: This is key, the setup to keep it spontaneous.
What you want to do is approach a girl at the exact same time she’s walking up to a new machine or rack or any other community equipment.


– The key for this timely approach is that you have the intention of using the machine as well, So you aren’t walking up to talk to her.
– You’ll both look at each other (If she has headphones on, she will 99% of the time take them off).
– In my experience the woman always broke the question first.
( Oh sorry were you going to use this machine? )
If they don’t ask first, it’s your job to open. Just say the same thing.

Opening Response: “Oh yea I was, But it’s cool you go ahead I think I saw another machine over there.. You owe me one !
Most important body language and tonality ( LIGHTLY point at her while you say you owe me one, SMILE / smirk. And say it PLAYFULLY. Then walk away )

Here’s where you get the number/date.
Give it between 5-15 minutes go about your workout.

2ND APPROACH: Walk up to her again with a playful smile on your face again. ( Even if she has headphones on she will recognize you and take them off because of the first interaction )

Repeat some variation of this; “So I figured out how you can make it up to me…” (Give her 1-2 seconds to respond – Most common responses are. “Oh yea, whats that” “How” Some variation of a general response )

Have coffee with me ( Or a drink, up to you ) sometime this week..
Have coffee with me after your workout.. I saw this really cool hole in the wall coffee shop around the corner.. I think it’s called Starbucks.. Meet you there in 30? ( Let her say ok, then hand her your phone )


Getting the Number; “Cool put your number in my phone, ill text ya so you can get back to pumping that iron!” – Smile and walk away.

-Nailed it 😉

Have fun with this one guys, I know I’m gonna use it all the freaking time! I love fit girls!


P.S. If she tells you she has a boyfriend. You can still salvage something out of it.

I HAVE A BOYFRIEND RESPONSE: So Im adding this because I actually ran into this on one of my approaches. Here is what you can say to the ” I totally would but I have a boyfriend ”

“Ah, thats cool, Honestly Im pretty new to this area and I hardly know anyone.. would be cool just to meet some new friends.. Are you on Facebook ?” And end with getting her FB info.

Boom- Now you have access to a new wing girl and her friends.

Good luck Ninja’s


Becoming more confident

Today were going to dig into confidence, What it means to have it, Traits of the unconfident man vs the confident man, and what you can start to do to implement these ideas.

Confidence is a word that gets thrown around all the time in my profession. It’s one of the most difficult things to fake, and it’s even harder to actually gain true confidence. Its something that takes a lot of time, and a lot of belief and being comfortable with the person you are. It is a reflection of how you see yourself. And it’s a projection of that person. So I think it’s safe to say it’s extremely important. I want to take a look at some qualities that the confident man posses. And some traits that weaker men display so we can begin to understand what were actually showing the world, this way we can begin to correct the issues.

Lets take a look at the unconfident Man first.

Unconfident people usually have a negative view on who they are as a person, They tend to not think they are good at anything. They regularly put themselves down, whether out loud or in their own mind. They seem themselves as a shriveled up plant thats dying, instead of the beautiful strong tree that they could be.

Unconfident men also tend to compare themselves to others regularly. It could be their friends, people they see out at a club, people they see on tv or the internet. Bottom line is they are always looking at others that are doing great things and comparing themselves to those people in a negative light.

Worrying about how others perceive them. This is a sure sign that someone is self conscious or unconfident. Always in their head thinking about what the other people around them see. Do they know i’m nervous? Do they think i’m ugly? Do they notice that i’m uncomfortable right now? All of these negative thoughts about themselves go through their mind. 9 Times out of 10 though, they are the only ones thinking about any of those things. Essentially killing their own game.

Another sure sign of someone with a lack of confidence is they tend to speak low, with a timid voice. They don’t project their ideas, because they are scared of the feedback. Always wondering if anyone is actually going to be interested in what they have to say. They are worried they are being judged at all times and by opening their mouths they are putting themselves in a vulnerable position.

Now lets take a look at the traits, and qualities that confident people display.

They have a positive view of who they are, They aren’t seeking validation from anyone because they have already validated themselves. Is it more important to have others respect you, or to respect yourself? The confident person will always say the latter, Respecting yourself. With self respect and self worth, the others will follow.

They are usually good at something, they have some skill, some knowledge of something. This is a cool concept. I think that everyone should have at least one thing they are good at, and they usually do. Sometimes it takes a great deal of time to find out what it is. And sometimes you may find out there is nothing. But one of the great things about our minds is we have the capability of learning. So pick up a hobby, a skill, a book. Become great at something and you will notice a boost in confidence.

They make decisions and stick with them. You won’t see a confident man flip flopping on his decisions. Going back and forth on what he wants to do that night. On whether or not he is going to walk up and talk to that girl at the bar or not. They make a decision and they stick to it. Whatever the outcome good or bad, that is irrelevant.

They project when they speak, making sure they are heard. Speaking so everyone can hear you, with a strong voice, is a very clear sign of a confident person. You think if you were to meet tom brady he would whisper because he’s nervous to meet you, or would be project a strong superbowl MVP type of voice. You can bet it will be strong. Cool thing is anyone can do that. Its just believe in what comes out of your mouth.

Confident people also never brag about themselves. They know who they are, and they could care less if you know they are awesome or not, because they know they are awesome. They always welcome questions about themselves and would gladly answer them. But they would never brag and try to be better than anyone.

Accepting that failure is inevitable and seeing the opportunity in it. For example a confident man knows that there is always a possibility of failure. If he approaches 10 women at the bar, he knows that there is a good chance he could fail with a few of them. But that will never stop him from trying. Because he also knows that the failure he experiences is a good thing. He can learn from that. And even if he gets shut down, its no personal attack on who he is as a person. He can grow from it and do better next time.

In conclusion today, I hope this gives you a little deeper understanding of what it means to have confidence. I hope that some of these idea’s and traits are things you already posses, or are things you look forward to practicing. This is a major, major attribute that women find irresistible. So please take it seriously, and have fun!